10 Reasons To Work With A Fitness Coach

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How many times have you decided to start a fitness program only to lose interest after a week or two?

Have you ever injured yourself while working out and give up?

Do you know you should work out and are just not sure what to do?

Are you intimidated by the equipment in the Fitness Center?

If you answered YES to any of these questions you can benefit from working with a Personal Fitness Coach.  Coaches are not just for the rich and famous, Coaches are there for you assisting to eliminate your struggles with the lack of motivation, eliminate fruitless efforts with exercises that will help you to achieve the results you want – whether it’s better health, increased flexibility, or more power in your golf or tennis swing.  Coaches are an investment in your health and well-being.

Accountability – How many times have you had good intentions about getting the gym, yet it was easier to set the snooze, read a book, run some errands….and before you know it, days, week, months have gone by and you have still not make it to the gym.  Setting a standing appoint with a Fitness Coach gets you to the gym.  You schedule appoints for the dentist, doctor, lunch or dinner with friends, it’s time to schedule your fitness appointment.  If you know someone is waiting for you, you will show up!  It also makes you more accountable between workouts as your coach will be following your progress between coaching sessions.

Motivation – Working out can be monotonous.  We tend to get stuck in ruts and do the same workout each time.  This gets boring and we lose the desire to go to the fitness center.  TeamRPC Coaches motivate you through your exercises and provide a variety of exercises to keep you interested and progressing to your goals.  Constant feedback on performance, keep you in tune with your body and wanting to do your best.

Develop a Routine – Working with a Coach will assist you to develop a set routine.  Making the time to work out on a regular basis will become a part of your life.  Regular workouts are as important as brushing your teeth or showering.  A great coach will help you schedule fitness into you day.

Support – TeamRPC coaches have your best interests in mind.  The focus of each workout is YOU!  Consistent feedback provides you with encouragement and support through each workout. Trainers hold you accountable and motivate you to be the best you can be.

Proper Form – watching videos and reading fitness magazines is a great way to get workout program ideas, yet they are not a substitute for real-time coaching.  Coaches watch the way you perform each repetition of each exercise, making sure you execute each move properly.  Consistent feedback and corrections keep your mind and body focused on each movement, assuring you are working each body part safely and effectively.

Injury Prevention – injuries are a part of life, yet many of us have unnecessarily sidelined ourselves when working out – usually from doing too much too soon, or from performing exercises incorrectly.  TeamRPC coaches have participants complete a health questionnaire, review your current physical condition, and develop a program for you based on your needs at any given moment.   Coaches know how to adjust a routine, cue you on proper technique and work with any limitations to provide a safe workout.

Injury Rehabilitation – injuries happen to all of us, yet they don’t always need to keep you from working out.  TeamRPC coaches are familiar with many injuries, and can keep your fitness program going around an injury.  If you pull a muscle in your leg playing tennis, coaches can still have you working upper body and core to keep your muscles strong.  Once you are cleared by your physician or therapist, coaches know the proper progressions to follow to help you strengthen the area recovering.  Plus working on exercises to improve your balance, posture and core, you are taking the best precautions to prevent injuries and falls.

Maximize workout time – utilizing a fitness coach gives you the most bang for your time.  Coaches know which exercises to perform in which order to give you maximum results in minimum time.  Using appropriate equipment, weight, repetitions and sets with the correct pace will help you achieve the results you are looking for more quickly.   Working with a coach reduces distractions and keeps your mind and body focused on the workout.

Sport Specific Training – whether you’re a golfer, tennis player or weekend athlete, fitness coaches will work with you during your workout to include appropriate.

Results – We all want to see our body’s transform.  Body composition, measurements, weight, strength and flexibility are all measured, so you can see the progress you are making.  We listen to you, and with your compliance to the program, get you the results you’re looking for.

Are you ready to set up your coaching program?  Email: Rita@ritapociask.com

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