3 Key Exercises to Achieve Dynamic Golf Posture

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Want more Power in your Swing? – It starts with Dynamic Golf Posture

To get the most out of your golf swing, you need to start with good posture.  Proper posture in a standing position shows your ankles, knees, hips, shoulders and ears in a straight line.  How does your posture compare?  Is your head pitched forward?  Is there an excessive curve in your lumbar spine?  Does your belly protrude? Are your shoulders slumped forward?  The photo below shows great alignment.

postureProper Posture Standing

Now that you’ve looked at your standing posture, find a partner and see what happens with your posture when you assume your golf stance using your 5 iron.  Maintain your golf stance while your partner aligns a club or dowel along the center of your spine.  Good golf posture shows your head, thoracic spine and low back all touching  the club.  Your ears, shoulders and hips should all be in a straight line, while the club or dowel is touching your head, thoracic spine and low back.

Dynamic Golf Posture

If you are having posture challenges, your golf game is likely also challenged. When the head and shoulders are pitched forward in a C Curve, your backswing is inhibited and you will most likely lift up during your backswing to achieve more range of motion, then bend back down as you begin your downswing and cause a loss of power, while the S Curve puts additional pressure on the lower lumbar spine inhibiting stability.  Golfers want to focus on the thoracic spine rotating fully through the golf swing, eliminating pressure on the low back, keeping power in the swing.

posture 2posture 3






C Curve                                                                                               S Curve

If your posture is not on par, here are 3 exercises to achieve dynamic golf posture.

#1  Posture Exercise – Chin Tuck

If your head does not touch the club when you are in your golf stance, then you need to strengthen the muscles of you neck and upper back using the chin tuck.  Stand tall, ears, shoulders, hips, knees and ankles are all aligned.  Looking straight ahead, place your index finger on your on your chin.  Keeping your head level, use your neck muscles and move your head back away from your finger.  Repeat 10-15 times 2-3 times daily.

#2 Exercise – Shoulder Blade Squeeze

#3 Exercise – Pelvic Tilt

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