4 Categories of Essential Oils

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With thousands of brands selling essential oils, each has its very own way of telling you that they are the best, it can be quite overwhelming to know which one is right for you. Here is some information that will show you why not all essential oils are created equal.

First let’s talk about the different kinds of essential oils. There are four different categories of essential oils on the market.

  1. Synthetic Oils – Oils which are created in a laboratory and only try to duplicate the aroma of a plant. They are usually less expensive and their fragrance usually does not last. A product to use if you’re just looking for short term aromas.
  2. Extended or Altered Oils – Fragrance oils are used for their aroma only. They contain minimal or undetectable levels of important plant compounds. The essential oil is extracted from the plant but is altered during the process from its pure state. These oils have little to no therapeutic benefits.
  3. Natural or Organic Oils – Organic oils can pass growing standards but are often distilled more than once. This reduces the amount of beneficial plant compounds in the oil. These oils are often used in natural shampoos and soaps.
  4. Therapeutic Oils – These oils are considered pure essential oils extracted from sustainably raised plants and contain optimal levels of natural plant compounds that will have the most therapeutic benefits. These oils are often used in aromatherapy. In addition they can be used topically as well as ingested.

As you can see, each quality of oil has its place. I choose to use therapeutic grade because I want to be sure that the products that I am putting on and in my body are pure and of the highest quality, genuine, and free of synthetic chemicals.

When looking for a company here are some things you want to consider a company:seedtoseal

  • That sells genuine, 100% pure essential oils that have not been altered in any way
  • Which uses plants that have not been treated with any harmful chemicals and are grown with natural fertilizers
  • Adhering to high quality and purity standards.
  • That knows where there seeds come from and is involved in the growth and production process
  • Which tests and evaluates their product to make sure that it lives up to their high standards.

My choice: Young Living.

Young Living produces therapeutic grade oils that are a result of a very strict and detailed method for producing the oils. This process is called Seed to Seal and it monitors every step from planting to bottling to ensure that you are receiving the purest and most authentic products. Young Living owns their own farms where all pest control is done with essential oils and all weed control is done by hand. And they will allow you to participate in the harvest and distillation process so you can see the process first hand.

Finally, each batch of essential oils is rigorously tested in-house and through a third party to ensure the quality of every product.

For more information on essential oils and their uses, email me.

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