5 Things To Expect From Your Personal Coaching Session

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Going to the gym can be very intimidating – I know from personal experience.  You may think that a healthy, active lifestyle is something I grew up with.  That is far from the truth.  I grew up in a Polish family where large heavy meals were the norm.  Then it was natural for my parents to snack in the evening on potato chips and French onion dip, cheese puffs or popcorn dripping in butter.

Being a girl, I was never encouraged athletically, sports were for my brothers – girls were supposed to cook, clean, sew and make babies.  For as long as I can remember, I was always struggling with a few extra pounds, and throughout high school was an expert at finding ways to get out of PE.

My first true experience in a gym came after I gave birth to my first son.  I was 21 years old and 50 lbs overweight.  I was taking classes at a local college – which had a fitness center, so I signed up for the orientation and fitness testing.  I was in a room with 20 other undergrads who were, in my prospective, fit and athletic or at most having 10 lbs to lose.  Talk about intimidating.  I had no I idea what to expect and was really feeling self conscious about myself and wondering what I was doing there – feeling like this was not the place for me.  Yet I stayed as I was looking to learn and as uncomfortable as I was in that room, I was more uncomfortable with the way I looked.

Fitness Director, Professor John Peterson ( I will always remember him, as he provided the tools that changed my life and career)  walked in with several interns who would do the testing and equipment orientations.

I learned a lot that evening, about myself, my body, my limits, my capabilities.

Dr. Peterson and the interns were very helpful, gave me a starting point, assisted me to set long and short term goals, showed me how I compared to others my age, and offered the tools I needed to get me where I wanted to be.

It wasn’t always easy, being a wife, new mother, and college student, yet I made myself a priority and developed a healthy lifestyle, over months, I safely lost over 50 lbs of fat, developed cardiovascular endurance, and muscle tone I never dreamed existed in my body.  In addition, it launched a new career for me and my goal is to provide an unintimidating experience for each and every client that will have them feeling better mentally and physically after each workout.

I am here for you, to coach you into becoming the best you, you want to be.

When training with TeamRPC, you will:

  1. Complete a health questionnaire.  This is to provide information on your current health status, any surgeries, muscular or skeletal injuries that may impact a fitness program.  It is also important for coaches to know what medications you are taking and when, so it can be determined if these may affect your workout.   If there are questions regarding your health, recent injuries or surgeries, we will request a signed physician’s release, and we will work with your physician to provide the best workout possible for you based on your physicians recommendation.
  2. At your first session, your coach will review your health questionnaire and talk to you about your reasons for working with a fitness coach.  We want to know why you’re working out and what you want to see as a result of your workouts.  We talk about likes and dislikes.  How much time you realistically have spend at each workout.  (its counterproductive to give you a 60 minute workout if you only have 20 minutes a day to devote to exercise, so if 20 minutes a day is all you have, our coaches will provide the best 20 minute routine for your body – the results may take a little longer to achieve, however the consistency of the workout is what it’s all about.)
  3. Coaches will help you set realistic goals – short and long term and provide measurements of success along the way.  We monitor progress and adjust routines accordingly.  Strength, flexibility and endurance are all monitored throughout the process.  Weight, body composition, and measurements are all available to track your progress.
  4. The next step is to provide a safe effective workout for you based on the results of our conversation regarding your current health, workout history, and goals.  Coaches offer step by step assistance in performing each exercise and monitor your efforts giving adaptations based on your ability.  We want you to get the most out of each repetition and provide appropriate feedback to safely execute each movement.
  5. TeamRPC works with clients in a variety of ways.  Investing in personal fitness coaching is an investment in your healthy.  Working one on one or in a small group, assures your adherence to your program.  When you have an appointment, you will show up.  It is important to create a routine for your fitness lifestyle.  Team RPC recommends two to three coaching sessions per week for the first 90 days to create this routine and monitor results.  This is to assure that you feel comfortable with the workout and are able to safely execute the routine. After 90 days, most clients realize the importance of the accountability, feedback, variety and constant progression a fitness coach provides, and continue with two or three weekly sessions.  Occasionally, if a client is truly motivated, they will work with a coach once a week and workouts are provided for the other two days.  I have had many clients think that they will train with me for two or three sessions and know everything they need to know.  These clients are still with me 10 years later saying that the benefits of a fitness coach are worth the investment.  The variety and progressions of the workouts keep them motivated and returning for more.

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