August 18 – A Great Day for Ladies in Golf!

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Golf is a great game, rooted in history and tradition which men have historically dominated.
However August 18 has a great tradition of being a day for women.
Well, August 18, 1920 is the date the 19th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution was ratified, giving women the right to vote.
August 18, 1996 was the date former University of Central Florida head golf coach, Emilee Klein won the Weetabix Women’s British Open by 7 strokes.
August 18, 1991 Cindy Rarick won the Northgate Computer Classic with a birdie on the third extra hole.
August 18, 1985 Amy Alcott won the Nestle World Championship of Women’s Golf with a birdie on the second extra hole.
August 18, 1985 Muffin Spencer –Devlin was the Mastercard International Pro-Am with two strokes.
August 18, 1957 Betty Dodd won the LPGA Colonia Golf Open.
Golf is also a woman’s game.
As Bridget Brennan stated in her article to Forbes: “The sport requires finesse instead of brute strength; it’s social; it’s played in some of the most beautiful settings on earth; its coed; the fashion is great; and cocktails and conversation await the end of every game. So why aren’t more women playing?”
Part of getting into the game, is getting fit for the course.
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