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Ballroom Dancing…It Is Hip!

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From Scott Graison:


If you watch Dancing With the Stars, you may be impressed by what you see.  What the contestants do is so much more than you can believe.  Unless you’ve ever tried it, you can’t imagine how amazing their accomplishments each week on the show are.

I was recently privileged enough to be a guest at a private ballroom dancing party held by RPCoaching.  Now, I’ve played sports my whole life.  I’ve run bases, I’ve made layups, I’ve caught touchdown passes, and I’ve hit that little white ball off the tee a zillion times.  So, I figured, “How hard can it be to pick up my feet to the rhythm of music?”  Incidentally, I am very musically inclined, having played saxophone, drums, and piano, as well as written 14 songs.

So this was going to be as easy as 1, 2, 3, right?  Nope.

Those with me at the party gathered at Aki’s Ballroom Dance Studio for an evening of dancing.  Some were better than others.  I was among the latter, not the former.  Some had taken lessons before. Others were new to the experience.  The facilities were first-rate.  The instructor was fun, engaging, patient, and he even gave us our choice of dance style.  Swing was the pick of the group.  The moves were shown to us, and we grabbed our partners, eager to cut a rug.  The music kicked in, and we began.  Remember I told you music comes very easy to me?  Weirdly, I was having a very difficult time picking up the beat on which to begin moving my feet.  It was quite embarrassing, I assure you.  Ever-ready to help, our instructor stepped in and played the part of me, talking me through it, telling me not to over think things.  You know what?  It worked.  All of a sudden, I was doing it, looking my partner in the eye, trying not to count the steps out loud.  I got the count down, engaged my partner in twirls, and was feeling very comfortable.  I am very competitive, so I thought I’d try to move us around the dance floor instead of remaining in a small box.  Yep, I got cocky.  Sometimes it worked to a degree, other times I nearly sent my partner spinning out the door.  Hey, at least I didn’t step on her toes ONCE!  And that’s the truth.

When the music ended, the collective had smiles on faces.  We clapped in appreciation for our instructor and our own efforts.  We talked about how the experience went.  We laughed at ourselves and complimented each other.  It was such a positive experience, I immediately asked for a calendar so I could sign up for another class.  I will be trying my hand…or should I say feet, at the waltz in the very near future.

It’s a great time, not an antiquated activity.  I highly recommend it to anyone.  If you’re interested, contact RPCoaching to find out when the next class is coming.

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