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Change is something we all talk about, think about and sometimes struggle with.

Whether it’s a change we want to make:

losing weight, changing careers, walking away from a relationship or friendship that’s not working

or a change that happens to us:

losing our job, having to relocate, being diagnosed with an illness, the death of a partner, relative, or pet. Change is something we all experience in our lives.

Some changes bring smiles and laughter while other bring heartbreak and tears. The thought of having to make changes can excite or paralyze you. It can have you looking forward to the future or dreading it. It can cause you to rush full steam ahead or procrastinate, then wonder why nothing has changed.
Having spent many years dealing with the changes in my life, then working with clients, I have learned that it is not so much what happens to you, it is your response or non-response to change that shapes you. Two people can experience the same event and have totally different outcomes based on their reactions and responses to the event. Here are some tips you can you to help you deal with change.
1) Acknowledge Change – things are going to be different, but you will find a way to work through it

2) Educate Yourself – find out as much as you can about the change

3) Eat Healthy – although comfort foods and beverages may make you feel good short term, in the long run, they will add additional challenges to your life.

4) Exercise – increasing blood flow and endorphins will help you clear your mind and release stress

5) Seek Support – no one gets through life alone and sometimes we all need help from a qualified professional

Only you know the changes you are coping with or the changes you need to make. If you would like help with the changes in your life, contact me for your free discovery session.

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