ChickPeas for You & Me

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Have you ever eaten either chickpeas or garbanzo beans? That’s a trick question as they are the same thing. Part of the legume family, chickpeas have a fantastic nutty taste coupled with a grainy texture that make them ideal to mix in with other foods. Add to that, they are rich with vitamins, fiber, and minerals. Additionally, they are high in protein, and work well as a substitute for meat if you are vegetarian or a vegan. With those attributes, chickpeas can significantly improve your digestion, help you with weight management, and reduce the risk of getting many diseases.

You may very well be convinced to give them a try at this point in the article, and I have posted some recipes on my blog. However, here is some more interesting information that may make chickpeas your go-to source of such great benefit. Did you know that this little round ball of yumminess has a pretty low glycemic index (GI), and with its fiber and protein content as well, it promotes healthy blood sugar levels.

Nobody wants to hear the words diabetes and heart disease. Chickpeas consumption can greatly reduce your risk of ever having to process that you might get those diseases.

Chickpeas are quite easy to incorporate into your diet. Most grocery stores carry them in in dry or canned varieties. This convenience also comes with nice affordability. They are versatile little guys that can be used in several different ways. Add them to salad, soup, or a sandwich.

If you’ve ever had hummus, you know it’s tasty and healthy. Did you know that chickpeas are one of the main ingredients in the awesome dip? Put them in tacos, burgers, or even just roast them to make a crunchy, delicious snack.

The bottom line is…they taste very good, can be utilized in multiple dishes, and most importantly, they are nutritionally great, doing wonders to keep you healthier.

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