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Client Spotlight: Mary Jacobs

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Lost:  50+ Pounds

In January 2017, Mary decided to make a change toward a healthier lifestyle.  She joined a local weight-loss group.  Mary wanted to lose weight healthily by making better food choices, controlling portion size, and eating smaller meals more frequently to keep her blood sugar levels and energy more consistent.  She also started walking daily.

As the weeks went on, she was excited to be losing weight, yet didn’t feel she had gained any strength and there was no tone to her body.  She was thinner, yet still had excess body fat.

I started working with Mary in June, after she had lost almost 40 pounds.  She was doing phenomenally well with the program, but not seeing all of the results she was working toward.

We discussed, why walking is a great exercise, however, it was time to add some variety to her walks as her body adapted to the routine she was consistently doing.  I gave Mary a few trekking programs for her to add to her treadmill workouts as well as some variations for her outdoor walks.   Since Mary had never really worked with weights before, we started a 6 exercise strength program on selectorized equipment along with the brisk walking. As she became more proficient, I incorporated a bootcamp style workout varying the exercises each time we meet.  Working on toning, core strength and flexibility, since June, Mary has lost 10 more pounds making her total weight loss just over 50 pounds, and since we started training in June, she has lost an addition 21 inches, while increasing her lean muscle mass.  She went from  a size 18 to size 10, and is looking and feeling great.

Mary says:

“Working with Rita as my personal trainer has helped me tone and strengthen my body in areas that diet alone could not achieve. The sessions are fun, ever-changing and challenging. I’m a baby boomer and I have more energy, flexibility and strength in my everyday activities and more.”

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