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Like many guys, my exercise routine really consisted, over the years, of varying “work outs”. We came up with our own “work out” regimen that evolved over the years depending on whatever goals were important to us at that stage of our life. From avoiding being the skinny kid at the beach in the Charles Atlas ads, to setting records in shove ups and sit ups, to joint jarring jogs, butt busting bike rides, our “work out” goals were typical and weird. Remember the rusting weights in the basement?

Eventually age and reality sets in. In my case, lower back surgery, hip replacement, knee “scope” and a ripped Achilles tendon brought me down to earth. I still walked a lot for aerobic exercise but during a rehab session for one of the above body failures, I found that I could not sit on a stability ball and raise my leg without falling over.

Not good.

Following the advise of my wife (which I always do), I called Rita. Rita set up a more sensible “work out” routine that concentrated on posture, stretching, core strength, flexibility, and balance. These are very real goals for us gentlemen of a certain age. But guess what – I can hit the golf ball further, don’t hurt as much after playing and really feel good too.

I suggest that you give Rita a call – now.

-James “Skip” Shaffer

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