Rita Pociask at RPCoaching combines her knowledge of the fitness industry with her business background assisting clients with:

  • need analysis, recommendation and layout of equipment for home, corporate and commercial workout areas and multipurpose facilities.
  • creating business, marketing, and programming plans for the development of fitness facilities as well as ongoing operations.
  • assistance with recruitment, interviewing, and acquiring staff for the facilities and programs.
  • facility management and programming.

Companies/Facilities include:

Speedy Management, Inc.

The Lewis’ began training with Rita in January 2013 and were so impressed with Rita’s coaching expertise, and the Forest’s Fitness Center renovations, that they decided to create a workout area for themselves and team members at their corporate office in Bluffton, Ohio. Rita worked with equipment manufactures to create a functional workout area in the space designated. Once construction was done, Rita arrived in Bluffton for the install, equipment orientations and personal coaching for team members. The Lewis’ and staff are so excited with the new workout area, and programs, that Rita returns at regular intervals for fitness program updates.

The Forest Country Club

Rita has worked with the Forest since 2006 as a group fitness instructor and personal trainer. In 2011, when the Forest Country Club in Ft Myers, FL decided to renovate their fitness center, Rita served as a consultant, acquiring equipment bids, working with the decorator in color selection, flooring materials and center design. When the newly remodeled center opened in September of 2011, Rita provided group orientations, equipment demonstrations, exercise workshops and personal training. Usage is up over 60% since the renovation.

Additional Corporations Rita Pociask has worked with:

  • AAR Corp.
  • Ares OakBrook
  • The LaSalle-Wacker Building
  • KineticSystems