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Core Training, Monkeys, And Your Golf Game

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A couple of strange things nobody was ready to see were caught on camera in Mexico this weekend.  First, spider monkeys were seen on the course at the OHL Classic at Mayakoba.

And 40-year-old Pat Perez fired four rounds in the 60s, including a 62 in Round 3, to capture his first PGA title in seven years.  Perez entered the OHL Classic ranked just 271st in the world.  Sure, he’s made over $15 million in career earnings, but he hadn’t finished 1st since 2009.  So how did he do it?  A renewed fitness program he started a couple years ago.

Perez began working with a prominent fitness instructor to improve on a weak core.  He started using some exercises and equipment we utilize at RPCoaching to help golfers attain their top potential.  The 13-year tour veteran focused on the area from his shoulders to the pelvic area around the hips to gain strength he’d never had before.  Among the workouts Perez incorporated were glute bridges with medicine ball exercises, TRX Rows, and Stability Single-Leg Stances.  When you work with RPCoachings, TPI Certified Golf Fitness Professionals, depending  on the results of your golf fitness evaluation and personal goals, you’ll most likely be strengthening your core and more, elevating the consistency and power of your golf swing.

Some of the coaching cues given to Perez during this new training phase of his career have been:

  • Draw-In Maneuver (Belly button to spine and posterior pelvic tilt)
  • Posterior View (Shoulders aligned with spine  down towards the hips)
  • Firing The Glutes (Activating them by squeezing)

We send our congratulations out to Pat Perez, who showed that after a seven-year wait, you can still achieve what you want.  While you likely won’t earn a PGA Tour card after your work at RPCoaching, your game will reach improved heights.

  • You’ll hit the ball further with more consistency
  • You’ll see a difference on the scorecard
  • Your body won’t break down late in the round.
  • You’ll be feeling better on and off the course

You may not follow the path of Perez, who pocketed almost $1.3 million and improved his world ranking on the PGA tour by 165 places once he decided TPI Fitness was right for him, but you will lower your handicap and move up in club rankings.

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