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Dustin Johnson’s Crazy Workout Regimen

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If you follow professional golf pretty regularly, you are very familiar with Dustin Johnson.  But after his win at the Genesis Open, there are some mind-boggling numbers…and mind-boggling information about his workout regimen to consume.

Here are the numbers…the workout info to follow.  With this win, Johnson became the #1 ranked player in the world for the first time in his career.  He is a mammoth ball striker, particularly off the tee.  He ranks 2nd this season in driving distance, hitting his tee shots on average of 315 yards.  He has 13 PGA Tour wins since turning pro.  Only Tiger Woods has more.  He’s the third player to win at least one tournament every year for 10 consecutive years since 1960.  The other two?  Woods and Jack Nicklaus.  Don’t those stats make your head spin?

Now, let’s talk about how he prepares to do the things he does on the golf course.  For part of the week, DJ’s workouts consistent of Olympic athlete style exercises.  He focuses on building up his muscles with intense drills, honing in on the front and back of his body from the thighs up to the shoulders.  That area of the body is known as the core, something RPCoaching specializes in helping all level of golfers strengthen.  For the rest of the week, Johnson works on what his coach calls “muscle awareness” exercises.  Johnson engages in exercises that have him standing on one foot, or with his eyes closed, sometimes both.  He does this to concentrate on feeling a specific muscle in action around the glute, abductors, and deep muscles within the body, such as those that protect the spine.

The world’s number one player certainly has plenty of natural talent.  But like many of the great athletes, he doesn’t rest on that.  The attention he pays to his body is one of the primary reasons he’s been on top of leaderboards since he joined the PGA Tour a decade ago.

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