Fitness Basics #2: Balance

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Last week, I talked about Posture and its importance as part of three fitness basics-posture, balance and core.  This week, let’s talk about Balance!


Balance is crucial to a healthier lifestyle.  If you couldn’t balance, you would constantly be falling down.  As we age, our balance decreases for many reasons including sedentary lifestyles, blood pressure changes, hearing loss, injuries or arthritis.

Here is a quick check to see if your balance needs improvement.


Stand tall, ears, shoulders, hips, knees and ankles in line, bring your arms out to just below shoulder level.  Following a line on the floor, place your right heel in front of your left foot.  You should be able to balance for at least 30 seconds.  Try the exercise with your Left heel in front.


If you’re having a challenge, you need some balance work!

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