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Four Weeks at RPCoaching

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By Scott Graison

So I show up at RPCoaching looking for some golf fitness workouts.  I didn’t really know what to expect.  What I got was a positive, motivation-based series of four weeks—a typical regimen for this type of workout program.

I went once a week for a month.  The first session was what’s known as an evaluation.  Rita ran me through some basic drills to assess where my physical abilities lied.  Session #1 was a breeze.  I was thinking, “I’ll ace these next three sessions.”  I’m so glad I decided to see where the journey would take me, and very happy I was wrong about this being a cakewalk.

With each successive trip to the gym, I was put through more intensified workouts.  The best thing I took from the sessions, aside from improving my golf fitness, was the positivity during each workout.  I never heard, “You’re not doing it right.”  I never heard, “That’s not the way to do the exercise.”  It was more about what I was doing right, and how I could improve on each exercise…made me feel good.  And that’s the primary goal of Rita and her staff…to have you feeling better about yourself when you walk out the door.

RPCoaching strives to help you attain an improved golf game, a more consistent game, and maximum improvement in the gym based on the fitness sessions.  Rita loves to hear about the success stories as the work from the program translates onto the course; longer drives, more energy throughout the round, and lower scores.  But there’s even more to it, which I’ll get to in just a bit.

Back to my personal experience…some of the exercises I was run through were squats, rows, chest presses, triceps work, full-body pull-downs, balance, core, rotation, stability, and mobility.  Among the equipment we used were dual adjustable pulley, TRX, foam rollers, BOSU, stability ball, and weights.  Sounds like a lot, but it wasn’t overwhelming, as Rita mixed up the exercises and machines to maximize my workouts.

The workout was increased based upon my ability to achieve the goal of each exercise, and that’s the way it will be for you, depending on your ability to grasp each of the exercises.  You won’t be pushed beyond your limits.  You’ll be motivated.  You’ll be enlightened.  You’ll be invigorated.  Was I pushed? Yes, but only when I was ready, when I was excelling at each exercise, advancing to a point where remaining stagnant wouldn’t be in my best interest.  The folks at RPCoaching know where your abilities and limitations lie.  They can see it.  And you’ll be better for it, one way or another.

RPCoaching trains people from ages 5 to the mid 80s.  I fall somewhere in the middle of that curve.  It felt great to work my muscles, increase my core strength, and to find out where my abilities lacked or needed a tweak.  I was pleasantly surprised that I wasn’t sore or hurting the day following a workout.  I can’t wait to see how the training will translate to the golf course.   I am pumped to slam my driver 15 yards farther and impress my playing partners.  I am excited to move forward with my training.

I mentioned earlier about how Rita and her staff enjoy seeing the transition from gym to course.  They really relish in how it works on clients’ daily lives as well.  Take the athletic arena out of the equation, the hope is how the workouts improve daily life.  The enjoyment of taking the grandkids to the park, walking the mall without having to stop to take a breath, and more—these are the types of anecdotes RPCoaching loves to hear.  The philosophy is one change creates the next and so on.  I’m walking taller, using my core more, sitting up straighter, and am lifting my 3-year-old daughter with a lot greater ease.  It’s time to upgrade your quality of living.  I’m a prime example of how the golf fitness program can help.  Call RPCoaching to schedule your session today.  It’s an easy number to remember…239-848-0888.  You’ll be happy you made that call!


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