Golf fitness is here to stay!

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It used to be golfers prided themselves on not working out, however if you’ve tuned into any PGA event lately you can see for yourself how golfers physics’ have changed.  Gone is the pot belly; here to stay are leaner, stronger more muscular physics’ that are hitting the ball further and with more power.

Rory, Jason and Tiger are all prime examples of how a well-designed golf fitness program will get and keep you golfing longer and stronger with a lower risk of injury.

Get your game on!

After researching the biomechanics of the golf swing and its impact on golfers, The Titleist Performance Institute developed a program for Fitness, Golf and Medical professionals bringing cutting edge information to help golfers of all ages and ability levels to play better golf.  The triangle of professionals work hand in hand to keep you healthy, strong and playing better golf. 

Did you know:

Team RPC has three TPI Certified Golf Experts.  Certified Fitness Expert Rita Pociask, Level I, & II, is currently working on her Junior Certification and will be attending the Golf Fitness Summit in October to enhance her skills and knowledge in the Golf Fitness Profession.  Stacey Lima is Level I certified and has been working with Rita since 2009 developing and presenting successful Golf Fitness Programs to area clubs.

Our Fitness Experts use the team approach and work closely with TPI Expert Golf Pro Andrew Plesz to bring our members the finest golf instruction in Southwest Florida.  Constant communication between experts creates a dynamic approach to a better round of golf.  Andrew conveys information concerning challenges he sees with the clients swing to Rita or Stacey;  Team RPC assesses, then creates a personalized fitness program that will correct these issues with appropriate exercises to lock in the movement for golf.  Golf lesson are more effective as clients are able to execute the movement more easily.

How it Works

A Dynamic Golf Fitness has three phases:

1) Corrective.  In the corrective phase, your TPI Certified Golf Fitness Expert will guide you through a series of exercises which will determine which areas of your body need to be stretched, strengthened, mobilized and/or stabilized.  A customized program is developed and executed.

2) Strength.  Once the body is able to perform the exercises in phase I, workout drill begin to integrate exercises to create more strength and endurance for the round of golf.  An upgraded program is administered, and golfers will see continued progression with both their fitness program and their game.

3) Power.  As control and strength increase, Phase III, Power, comes into play.  You will find you are hitting the ball further and more accurately with less effort.

Are You Ready to start your Golf Fitness Program?



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