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Is Tiger Woods Back?

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You may love Tiger Woods. You may hate him. You may have thought he would blow past Jack Nicklaus’ record for career major titles. You may have never forgiven him for his transgressions. The crowd is probably split on its feelings about Woods. Either way, him being in action does move the meter like no golfer in the history of the game has before.

He played competitive golf this past week for the first time in nearly a year-and-a-half. Did he win? No. Was he close? Negative. But, he was able to complete the tournament healthy, and showed some signs of the Tiger who was so dominant for so long.

At the Hero World Challenge in the Bahamas, Woods had more birdies than any other player in the field. He had smiles on his face. He twirled the club after good shots. He even wore his classic Sunday red shirt. Yes, the former #1 player in the world has a long way to go if he’s going to compete on championship Sundays. But the fact that he got through the tournament without any physical ailments was promising. There are those who wondered why he broke down physically so bad so quick. Some questioned steroids. This fascinating article should shed some light on that.

After multiple back surgeries and a broken leg, Woods ignited a spark in the Bahamas. It was a testament to any golfer who’s suffered an injury or undergone surgery. Even though it’s been nearly a decade (hard to believe) since he won his last major, the 40-year-old is back out there battling with the young guns of the sport. And the fact that he’s battling, makes all the difference in the world.

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