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Scott Graison interviews Rita Pociask of RPCoaching

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By: Scott Graison

My name is Scott Graison.  I am a guest blogger for RPCoaching.  You may have read my recent article on the four-week Golf Fitness session I took at Rita’s facility at The Forest.  It was quite a journey, one which I thoroughly enjoyed.  As I mentioned in said article, Rita started with an evaluation, then increased the intensity of each successive exercise as I became fully capable of completing the task.  We used several types of equipment.  We talked through each exercise and what it would help me attain.  She showed me how to do each one of them so I could see the correct form and proper technique.  She was positive the whole way through.  And when I finished my sessions with her, I was, and am, much better off for having done the program.  I know what I took away from my Golf Fitness program.  So, as a journalist of 17 years, I thought it would be entertaining and informative to put her through the drills of an interview session.  Here’s a sampling of what she takes from the work she does.

SG (Scott Graison): What’s one of the things you like most to hear from your clients?

RP(Rita Pociask): I like to hear the success stories from the participants as they transition the workout to the golf course.  I see what they are achieving in the workouts and I love to hear about the improvements in the consistency of their swing and increases in yardage that take place on the golf course based on the work done inside the gym.

SG: When a client first comes in for your training, what do you strive for?

RP: Safety and effectiveness of each workout.  I evaluate each person and create a program to work with their body type.  I work on building confidence in each achievement, then I watch the workout transform into personal confidence in their game, their lives and most of all themselves.  Watching the transformation radiate into every aspect of their lives and watch them take on new challenges and succeed is very rewarding for me.

SG: How tough are you generally on your clients?

RP: I’m a sweetheart!    Using a positive, motivation-based approach, I encourage to bring out their best.   I want them feeling better about themselves when they walk out the door.

SG: You hope to inspire…but do you get inspired?

RP: I get as inspired by clients as much as I inspire them.  I have worked with people on dialysis, in cancer treatment, recovering from life threatening injuries and see them give it all they have despite the odds.  They are my motivation.  I watch what they are achieving with the challenges they have and know that if they can succeed, I can too.

It’s a New Year.  It’s time to improve your athletic abilities and your daily life, like I did!  Get in touch with Rita and her team today to begin your transformation.  You’ll be glad you did.  It’s easy.  Email Rita or call (239) 848-0888.

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