September is National Self-Improvement Month

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September is National self-improvement month.  What are you doing to improve your health, your surroundings, your life?

Self -improvement takes any number of forms.  It can mean scheduling that dental or doctor appointment you have been putting off, cleaning a closet and getting rid of items that no longer work for you, starting a journal, getting a facial or massage, choosing more nutritional foods, getting that oil change or repair that you’ve been meaning to taking care of, taking a class, learning a language, or getting back to your fitness program.

I encourage you to choose one thing that you that you want to improve on this month.

Once you make your choice,

  1. Write it down!
  2. List the steps you need to take,
  3. Take action – make that phone call, schedule your appointments, search for healthy recipes, get your butt in the fitness center.

Whatever you do – do something!

Each step you take to improvement, makes you the best you yet!  Just take that first step.

RPCoaching is here to assist you with your life, fitness and nutritional coaching.  Join us for a class, wellness event or one on one coaching.

Sept 25

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