Smoothies from the Heart!

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These are two of my favorite heart healthy smoothies.  Be sure to give them a try and let me know what you think!

“Artery Scrubber Smoothie”

2 C. distilled water

½ avocado, with whole seed

½ red bell pepper with seeds

5 organic strawberries

1 ear of corn cut from cob

3 okra

2 fresh basil tops w/stem

½ small red beet

1” slice ginger root

½ lime with pith

1 T goji berries

Blend all ingredients and enjoy!

“Mexican Heart Healer Smoothie”

2 c. distilled water

1 avocado with seed

½ pomengranate fruit pods

1 large carrot

½ organic cucumber

3 okra

½ lime with pith and seeds

½ small red beet

2 nodes cilantro

1 T goji berries

Blend well.  Serve chilled

Source: Smoothie Formulas by Jeff Primack

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