Steele Resolve…A Reminder To Keep At It, And More

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Brendan Steele found redemption at the season-opening Safeway Open and captured his second career win on the PGA tour Sunday.  It’s a reminder to keep at it.  Steele had led wire-to-wire for 54 holes at the same event last year, but stumbled down the last seven fairways.  He had five bogeys in his last seven holes, and failed in his effort for a PGA tour victory.  This time however, he birdied his final three holes to win for the first time in five years.

What does it mean for you?  His win represents the need to keep at it.  Keep playing.  Keep practicing.  And keep up with your golf fitness.  Staying in shape and having your core sharp will allow you to play better and play at a higher level longer.  Whether it’s working with your golf fitness coach three times a week or three times a month with you focusing on workouts in between, fitness sessions will do wonders for your golf game, and your overall well-being, too.

Steele also won for the first time since the PGA banned anchored strokes for long putters.  Again, how does this translate to you?  If you haven’t tried something new like Steele did, you won’t know what huge benefits lie ahead.  If you haven’t given TPI golf fitness a try, maybe it’s time to change your thought process, and give it a go.  At RPCoaching, we provide a positive experience in our fitness sessions.  Constant coaching through exercises appropriate for your body will keep you progressing on your golf fitness goals.

As for the PGA tour, it used to shut down for a few months after the Tour Championship.  Not anymore.  Golf is now basically a year-round sport.  The players have to be physically and mentally prepared to keep going out and competing constantly.  There’s no down time to rest up and relax.  Their fitness levels have to be of great caliber to turn around and start the season quickly.  Like those at the professional level, it’s a reminder to you that it’s in your best interest to always keep as fit as you can.  You never know when the phone will ring and a friend will want to play a round with you.

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