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Sun Protection without Sunscreen?

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If you live in the northern hemisphere, you’re well aware the temperature is heating up…fast!  And you know that too much time spent outside can lead to painful sunburn.  You can go to your local grocery store and pick up goopy, oily sunscreen, or you can try algae…yes, algae, to protect yourself even better.  I’ve been doing some research on sun protection and this keeps coming up.  I encourage you to read the article and check out some of the research and give me your feedback on this alternative.

The algae comes in a pill form called astaxanthin that you can take with a glass of water.  This phenomenon is relatively unknown, but has amazing effects to block ultraviolet radiation from reddening your skin and making you look like a lobster.  Astaxanthin is produced by just two main sources—algae that produces it and the sea creatures that consume it.  When the water supply in one particular algae dries up, the algae makes astaxanthin to protect it from the sun’s UV rays.  It’s the algae’s survival tactic.  This force field of sorts has been transformed into a pill that works wonders to protect you from sunburns.

If you’re playing golf or tennis outside during the brutal summer months, you can not only get burned, but even feel ill from too much exposure to the sun.  Athletes who’ve given this wonder drug a try have said they can perform for longer periods of time in the heat without feeling sick and without getting burned.

There’s so much more that astaxanthin delivers for your health and wellness.  It’s an impressive antioxidant that can help improve cardiovascular health, stabilize blood sugar levels, make eyesight better, boost the immune system, and even fight cancer.  Sounds like a miracle, right?  It just might be.  14 times more potent than vitamin E, 54 times more powerful than beta-carotene, and 65 times the strength of vitamin C; in a word…Wow!

Imagine being physically active outdoors this June, July, and August and having the inner strength and endurance like a salmon that spends its whole life swimming upstream has.  Salmon are one of the few species that eat astaxanthin, and it’s in part what makes them one of the animal kingdom’s true leaders in power and endurance.  Can you conceive being able to crush your pickle ball opponent because you don’t tire or get sick?  Think about the effects of lasting through an entire 18 holes without getting beaten down by the sun.  Astaxanthin is an extremely powerful agent that costs less than you may think.  As always, you should consult your physician for all the information regarding this product, but…it might become an alternative for sunscreen.


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