11 reasons to drink water

11 Tips For Drinking Water

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Did you know water is the second most popular beverage consumed!  Soft drinks are number one, but water is rapidly closing the gap and with good reason.  Water is the one nutrient essential to your health and survival. Since fluid loss occurs continuously, from skin evaporation, breathing, urine, and excretion, these losses must be replaced daily for […]

Summer Fitness beach run

12 Warm-Weather Workout Tips

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While outdoor workouts are a healthy strategy, as you get some sunshine, absorb vitamin D, and naturally boost your mood, we need to take some precautions as heat and humidity rise.  Follow these Warm-Weather workout tip to keep you heat smart. Dress appropriately. Loose-fitting polyester/cotton blend clothing or other fabrics designed to wick away moisture […]

Mood and Food: Part 1

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We all know the correlation between food and body weight, but are you aware that what and when you eat affects your mood. Here are some facts and tips provided by Mind.org to increase mental focus, improve mood, increase energy, and calm the mind. Motivation for Change: How regularly do you eat? If your blood sugar drops […]