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The Future of Tennis In America

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We’re knee-deep in the annual tournament at Wimbledon.  At this point, only two Americans have advanced to the round of 16—Sam Querrey on the men’s side and Coco Vandeweghe on the women’s side.  The Williams sisters have been something to behold for decades.  They have been the ambassadors for U.S. tennis players, dominating the world for the most part of their careers.   Venus was better earlier, then passed the torch to sister Serena, who has been nothing short of remarkable.  As she sits 2nd on the all-time list of Grand Slam titles, we don’t know what her tennis future holds.  She is pregnant, and who knows if she’ll ever return to the court again at age 35.

Should she retire or not return to the level of success we’ve grown accustomed to, who holds the mantle for U.S. tennis players?  Is there anyone from this country ready to challenge the greats around the globe on either the men’s or women’s side?  Whatever happened to the days of McEnroe, Agassi, and Sampras?  Who is this country’s next top-tier talent?

Is tennis a game for only the affluent?  It wouldn’t seem so.  It requires just a racket and a can of balls.  Membership to a country club isn’t required.  Courts are available at any high school and many city parks.  So why the lack of participation?

Maybe it’s time we introduce our kids and grandkids to the sport and get them out of the house and off their iPads.  How can we do it?  Maybe it’s as simple as you getting out there on the court and a youngster sees you giving your all to inspire them to take up the game.  Perhaps you should take them out and play with them to raise their interest level.  Whatever works to help raise the bar of tennis in this country, and to get the players of the future to stay competitive against the world’s best… it’s in our best interest.

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