Wellness Programs

RPCoaching offers a variety of fitness and wellness seminars for your organization, group or special event. Presentations can last anywhere from 7 minutes with our Pre-tee Warmups to 2 hours featuring a presentation and restorative exercises. Popular now are: Oh, My Aching BackMorning Smoothies, and Roller Relief.

Oh, My Aching Back

Eight out of 10 persons experience low back pain. Discover what you can do to prevent becoming a statistic. 75% of low back pain can be prevented thru preventative exercise and stretching. Find out the causes of low back pain and what you can do to prevent becoming a statistic. 2 hour presentation, – 1 hour lecture, 1 hour workshop.

Morning Smoothies

These 40 minute morning presentations include a healthy smoothie along with nutrition information. Topics include: Eating Clean, Essential Oils and herbs for Natural Healing, Recipe Makeovers, and Fast Food Facts.

Roller Relief

This one hour workshop demonstrates the relaxing effects of foam rolling as a form of myofascial release of tense muscle tissue. Discover how daily foam rolling can reduce or eliminate aches and pains from tight muscles.