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Yep, DJ’s At It Again…But Now Different

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By Scott Graison

I recently wrote about Dustin Johnson and his intense workout regimen.  It’s not for everybody, but it can provide some inspiration to start or increase the level of one of your own.  What it has done for DJ, the world’s #1 ranked player, is helped him get to a place where he appears in total control on the golf course.

He just won at the WGC Dell Technologies Match Play, one of the three WGC events he’s won in a row.  He’s also been victorious in three straight tournaments.

Comparisons are unfair.  Example…Is LeBron the next Michael Jordan?  Is Tiger Woods the next Jack Nicklaus?  Is Jordan Spieth the next Tiger Woods?  Is it Jason Day?  Is it Dustin Johnson?  We won’t cross that bridge here.  BUT…….. DJ is on a tear.  He has always been great with the driver.  He can bomb it like most others can’t.  However, his short game has improved, and that’s been critical to his success recently.

Johnson is physically gifted…that’s never been a question.  But it’s been (and this is extremely important when you tee it up) his MENTAL makeup that has changed.  In years past, DJ would somehow find a way to give tournaments, specifically majors, away.  It looks now like he has that part down, and that’s scary for the rest of the PGA pros.  John Rahm did his best this weekend, pushing Johnson late.  But, DJ collected himself and finished the job in Texas.

It’s between the ears that Johnson, and most typical golfers, can get in trouble.  A poor tee shot can lead to a poor approach and a bad putt.  But, if you approach it all with a positive, can-do attitude, that can go away.  It’s worked for the world’s #1, so if he’s doing it, it’s a good idea.

When Tiger (again, comparisons aside) was at his best, so much of it was from the mental aspect, like Mike Tyson used to do in the ring with his mentality to break the opposition down with confidence.  Other golfers used to be intimidated by Tiger, other boxers used to fear being in the ring with Tyson.  The same philosophy is working well for Johnson.  When he tees it up, he’s not thinking about how he’s going to give it away.  He’s planning his assault on those in the field.  And it’s working…BIG TIME.

So, the point is to play your next round,, engage in your next fitness session, take each day, etc. by storm.  Assertive, proactive thoughts can enable you to achieve anything.  While you won’t become the PGA’s top player, you can certainly head home a huge winner when it comes to your mindfulness outlook on things.

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