Body by Number

Heart rates, blood pressure, perceived exertion, frequency, time. What do these numbers mean? How do they affect your workouts and fitness level? Join TeamRPC to learn what numbers are important, calculate your numbers, and incorporate them into your workouts. Cost $10.

Get Racquet Fit (Forest CC)

Calling all pickleball and tennis enthusiasts.  This specialized clinic for racquet sports will give you the moves you need to get you the results you want on and off the court.  Drills to improve strength, agility, and proper body mechanics for your swing are featured.  Cost $10.  Handouts included.

Turn A New Leaf (Forest CC)

holistic nutrition coach Lora Ulrich presents bi-weekly on variety of health related topics, you will discover how to break the sugar habit, use food as fuel, discover triggers that cause and relief from joint inflammation, how to increase energy and focus naturally and much more.  Complimentary.