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In my years as a fitness professional, I have experienced many forms of alternative healing –Chiropractic, Reiki, Alexander Technique, Massage, Shin Jyutsu, and, now, Acupuncture.

Acupuncture is a Chinese therapy that uses small needles inserted into the skin to treat a variety of conditions by balancing the flow of energy – qi which flows through the pathways of the body. It is shown to be extremely effective in treating pain issues as well as improving the function of dermatological, neurologic , circulatory, endocrine, and every other system that operates the body.

I have been dealing with ongoing neck and ankle challenges that led my chiropractor, Christine Hoch, to recommend acupuncture.  She used a technique called circling the dragon, which is basically surrounding the areas of inflammation with needles.


Lying on my stomach, Dr. Hoch began inserting needles into my neck – there was no pain, just a little pressure.  When one needle was inserted there was an extreme burning sensation, Christine explained that was the source of my problem, she took the needle a little deeper , while rotating  it and the burning went away.  Once all the needles were inserted, I relaxed comfortably for 30 minutes and allowed my body to feel the different sensations.  It first I felt a heaviness on my right side – my tigher side – and my hands got really cold, then I felt the my body pulsing and realigning itself.  It was like I was being stretched and adjusted without anyone touching me.  I could feel little tingles, similar to a small electrical current that would pulse different areas of my body.


Once the needles were removed and I sat up, I felt a little disoriented for a few minutes while my body adjusted.  My energy was different, and I felt a little foggy.  I drank water and had a high protein dinner when I got home while continuing to feel a variety of energy flows. Within a short time, I was feeling better, my energy level increased, my mind reached a new level of clarity and I got more accomplished in one evening than I had all week.  The best part is my neck has more range of motion than it has had in along time and I slept pain free all night, no matter which pillow I used.

Today my energy is rocking – look out group fitness attendees!!  I am feeling clearer mentally as well as physically.

What a great experience.  If you would like more information on acupucture, visit Dr. Hoch’s blog here.

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