Workouts to Go – 5 Exercises to Stay Strong this Summer

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Exercise Tubing is a portable, inexpensive way to get your resistance workout in when time is short and you are on the go. Tubing comes in a variety of diameters and lengths, offering a variety of resistance levels. Every exerciser will be able to choose an appropriate resistance.

You will want to warm-up prior to any workout – at least 5 minutes of marching, walking, leg swings, arm circles and gentle stretching will increase blood flow and prepare the muscles for a strength workout. Beginners can start with one set of 12-15 reps. Intermediate and experienced exercises 2-3 sets of 12-15 repetitions. Remember once you start each exercise you want to keep resistance in the tubing and control the movement of the tubing throughout the entire range of motion. Once finished with the entire workout, take a few minutes to stretch.

Pull Down Lat 1

Exercise #1: Pull DownPull Down Lat 2 Stand tall with feet hip distance or a little wider than hip distance apart. Hold tubing with approximately 18 inches of tubing between hands. Bring arms up, stabilize with one arm. Bring the opposite arm down toward the hip, leading with your elbow. ( think about bringing your elbow toward your back pocket), return to starting position. Repeat on opposite arm.







Chest Press 1 Exercise #2: Chest Press with LungeChest Press 2

Bring the tubing behind your back, level with your underarms, tighten up on the tubing so you have resistance through the entire movement.  With palms down, extend arms straight out in front of you while you step back with one leg into a lunge position.  Return to starting position.  Repeat with other leg.





Triceps 1 Exercise #3: Triceps Press DownTriceps 2 Stand with feet about hip distance apart, holding on to tubing with about 12-15 inches between hands.  One palm stabilizes the tubing near your chin while the opposite arm is close to the side of your body with the elbow at a right angle.  Extend arm at your side so your hand comes to the side of your body.  Return to starting position.  Complete reps, then repeat on opposites side.



Step Together 1  Exercise #4: Step Together Step Together 2– (Abduction/adduction) Stand tall, step on tubing. Cross the tubing and bring to hip or waist level. Keeping hips, knees and toes facing forward, step wide to one side, then return to starting position. Repeat with other leg.







bicep 1 Exercise #5: Bicep Curlsbicep 2 Step on the exercise band. Be sure that there is some tension on the tubing when your arm is extended down by your side. With your palm facing forward, bend your elbow, bringing your hand up toward your shoulder. Keep your wrist straight and bend only at the elbow. Slowly release and repeat





Tubing Safety Tips

Pulling on exercise tubing isn’t exactly a risky activity. Still, to keep the tube from snapping into your face—and to give your muscles the best challenge—follow these important guidelines:

 Check for holes or worn spots in the tubing. Replace the tube if you see any tears.

 Do your workout on carpeting, wood floors or grass—anywhere but asphalt or cement. Abrasive surfaces can tear your tube.

 Wear comfortable, supportive athletic shoes, not sandals or dress shoes.

 Make sure the tubing is secured underfoot or on an anchor before you begin each exercise.

 Maintain good posture throughout each exercise: Keep your knees slightly bent, your abdominal muscles pulled in and your chest expanded.

 Perform the exercises in a slow and controlled manner, to work against resistance both when you pull on the tube and when your return to the starting position.

Tubing safety tips from Fitness for Travelers: The Ultimate Workout Guide for the Road, by Suzanne Schlosberg (Houghton Mifflin, 2002)
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