Digestive Enzymes: What you Need to Know

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Enzymes are powerful catalysts found throughout the body that help to jump start reactions. Digestive enzymes are a specific type of enzyme that can be found throughout the digestive system. They help to breakdown food aiding in a healthy digestion process.

Digestive enzymes are made to help your system begin digesting carbs, proteins, fats, cellulose (fiber), and lactose which can help to prevent foods containing these molecules and compounds from sitting in your gut and causing gas, bloating, stomach pain, diarrhea and all the other problems associated with indigestion.

When to take digestive enzymes

When making changes to your diet:

Making changes to your diet can alter your gut microbiome…meaning the good bacteria that accumulates in your gut can begin to change depending on what foods you eat. This can lead to feeling bloated and gassy. Taking a digestive enzyme along with diet changes can help to avoid these sick feelings by helping your body to digest foods, even if they are new!

If you have eaten too much:

We all over indulge from time to time, that’s normal, but sometimes over indulgence can make our stomach hurt. To combat indigestion after eating past full, kick start digestion by supplementing with digestive enzymes.

If you battle with being irregular:

Food intolerance is a tricky issue and often requires the assistance of a registered dietitian or doctor to help get to the bottom of it. However, a good step if you battle acute irregularity, meaning every once in a while, is to add in some digestive enzymes and see if they can help tip the scales back to being regular.

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