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Jordan Spieth Is An Inspiration For The Everyday Golfer

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Jordan Spieth is barely 23 years old, and he just crossed off a bucket list win at Pebble Beach.  The thing about Spieth is that he isn’t really all that special in any one aspect of the game.  Yes, his short game is really good, and he’s been known to knock down 30-foot putts routinely.  But…he’s barely over average off the tee as far as PGA Tour players go.  His iron shots won’t turn heads.  He’s absolutely shaky when it comes to putts inside of 10 feet.  But somehow, someway, being really solid overall has made him a premier player on tour.  With his victory at Pebble, he notched his ninth career tour win, the most by anyone since Tiger Woods, to accomplish that feat before the age of 24.

Spieth had a year for the ages in 2015.  He won two major championships, came within one shot of winning the British Open, and fell just three strokes shy of taking home the title at the PGA Championship.  The season’s performance elevated him to the #1 player in the world.  2016 was a down year by his standards, though most golfers would love to have a season like he did.  He only won twice, and had eight top-10 finishes.  He also pocketed over $5 million.  This year, he’s played in four events and has bagged a top-10 finish in each, including his win at Pebble Beach.

To circle back to the beginning, Spieth isn’t overly special from tee to green, and with putts that an elite player should make, he struggles.  So, for the everyday golfer, he should serve as an inspiration.  You don’t have to outdrive your playing partners.  You don’t have to be totally precise on your approach shots.  You don’t have to make every 10-foot putt.  But if you’re solid with your golf game as a whole, you can score well, enjoy going out every round, and maybe even take a few bucks from your playing group!  Watch Jordan Spieth to see how it’s done from Thursday to Sunday, as he grinds out win after win.  You will enjoy the viewing.

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