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No Tricks, Just Focus

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They said he was a one-trick pony.  They were wrong.  Wesley Bryan proved he was more than fun-to-watch video.  He showed the golf world he could dedicate himself and become a legitimate player when he emerged victorious at the RBC Heritage at Hilton Head.

The South Carolina native just won the tournament that hands out a plaid jacket.  Would he prefer a green one?  Sure.  But for now, plaid fits him perfectly.

Bryan has traded in trick shots for tee shots that matter.  And although what he USED to do was very entertaining (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QJNkJJHZows), he has to be much more pleased in what he’s been able to accomplish at the RBC.  Bryan was down four strokes when he put the ball on the tee at the 1st hole (something he didn’t do as a trick shot artist).  He made a statement with a run of four straight birdies on the front nine.  And when the rest of the field couldn’t close, Bryan did.  The 27-year-old rookie came up with birdies down the stretch and walked away with his first career win on the PGA tour.

So if this young man can put away the Houdini act and focus on what it takes to improve as a serious golfer, so can you.  You may shoot 102.  It might even be 114.  And that’s OK.  RPCoaching simply encourages you to enjoy playing a great game and to do it at your best.  If you want to maintain those typical scores, and even improve on them, we’re here to help on that journey.  We are southwest Florida’s premiere golf fitness center.  From light weights to yoga to heavy-duty TPI Fitness, we’ll aid you in lowering the number you see on that scorecard, and give you more energy to finish the last four holes.  Reach out to us and find out what you can attain and achieve.  The number is easy, and your game will feel just as easy.  Just dial (239) 848-0888 to find the golf fitness program to give you the wins you want.

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