5 Super Reasons For Soup

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Soup can be enjoyed year round, but fall and winter always make me turn to my soup recipes more often.  Here are just a few of the reasons I enjoy soup:
  1. Great way to hydrate!  Because of the high water content in most soups, it is easy to get more liquid into a daily diet.
  2. Easy on the budget! Most of the best ingredients for soup are the least expensive items in the grocery store.  Add in some leftovers for variety on great recipes and soups become one of the best foods for the budget conscience.  
  3. Healthy ingredients just make sense!  Eating beans (any variety), rice/barley/quinoa and vegetables (all kinds) in soup is expected and doesn’t feel like “diet” food. Soup is also a great way to explore new spices.  
  4. Aromatherapy comes as a perk!  The smell of a delicious soup can really draw the family into the kitchen.  Many of us associate the kitchen smells that come with making soup with comfort and satisfaction because of these wonderful moments together.
  5. Stress relief is built in!  Try eating soup fast…it’s really not possible!  To enjoy a bowl of soup, you have to slow down, breathe and relax.  
As you head into the kitchen tonight, check out Rita’s Cabbage Soup Recipe or any of your other favorite soups!
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