Men Make Dinner Day

National Men Make Dinner Day – November 2

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I am hoping to help spread the message.  Men can cook!! There are two reasons that National Men Make Dinner Day was started.  Of course, we ladies like to take a break from cooking chores.  But also, we hope to encourage men who do not cook or want to learn to cook to make the meal on this day.  Experienced male cooks, we hope you will make something more challenging than you’ve done in the past.  Encourage all the men in your life to find a recipe, grab a beer and make dinner all by himself on November 2.

Men: Check out these rules!!

Here are a few do’s and don’ts:

  • No Grilling (you know this is already Man’s turf)
  • No take out or prepared foods
  • Meal must include dessert
  • Women cannot assist.  Rookie cooks need to do it alone to get a sense of accomplishment
  • You must clean up pots, pans and mixing bowls used in preparing the meal (This has always been my least favorite part)

Why should you participate??

Your wife or your partner will love you.  You will learn new skills.  Of course, SCORE POINTS!!

I really don’t know who started this day.  I know there was no Presidential proclamation making it an official day.  It is celebrated on the first Thursday of every November.  My history research tells it was started in 1998 by a woman named Sandy Sharkey who lived in Ontario, Canada.  She put up a website for a day and named the event.  She wanted one meal a year to be fixed by her husband.  (retrieved August 2006 from

So, guys, give it a try.  Be sure not to do too good a job, unless you’re ready to do it more often.

Ladies, pass out the information and let’s have a meal to remember!!

Here are the names of some famous men in the world of food to give you inspiration:  Arnold Reuben; Graham Kerr, Rufus Estes.

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