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Serena Williams Does It Again!

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There’s only one player in the history of women’s tennis who has more career major titles than Serena Williams after this past weekend.  When Serena beat older sister Venus in the finals at the Australian Open, she collected her 23rd Grand Slam championship trophy.  Only Margaret Court has more with 24.  So how does she do it?  Yes, she’s very physically gifted.  But her workout regimen and diet have really helped her as she’s gotten older.

She has always been a top-level tennis player.  But when it seemed she was easily on track to pass Court for the #1 spot in career majors, her career was derailed.  She found out she had a cancer-threatening foot injury that caused her to have two surgeries in 2010.  The following year, it got worse.  She learned that she had multiple blood clots on her lungs that permanently destroyed some of her lung tissue.  After that, she sat down and seriously evaluated her future in the game, and in life.

Now, she eats better.  She doesn’t refer to her food intake as a diet, but classifies it as a lifestyle change.  After realizing she has an allergy to wheat, she’s done away with it, and taken to foods that are raw and natural.

As for her workout schedule, she likes to mix things up to work on different parts of her body on different days, as well as to keep it fresh.  These days, Williams puts running, yoga, and dancing into play to help keep her at the top of her game.  She says dancing is so fun, just letting loose makes her smile and laugh.  And it’s pretty clear all this has worked extremely well for the 35-year-old.  35 is ancient in the world of the Women’s Tennis Association, but the phenom who’s young at heart hardly seems to be slowing down.

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