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Nadal, Not Done

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He’s 30 years old, almost a dinosaur in the sport of professional men’s tennis.  However, don’t tell Rafael Nadal that he’s done…hardly.

The Spaniard, who has the 5th most singles wins of any player since 1968, just notched his 10th title at the Barcelona Open.  It marked the most championships he’s had at any event; tied with his career performances at the Monte-Carlo Masters.

While he’s not on the upswing of his storied time on the tennis court, he’s still extremely competitive.  Heck, only four men on the planet are ranked higher than he is!  So what’s the reason for his continued success?  He’s had numerous nagging injuries that stretch from his shoulders down to his feet.  And he’s in his 14th year on the ATP tour.  He’s got serious natural talent.  Members of his family were professional athletes, so it’s also in his genes.  But, the overriding factor is his intense workout regimen.

The native of Manacor, Spain employs several exercises into his workouts that have led to his 14 career Grand Slam championships (tied for second most in the history of the sport).  Among them are resistance bands, of which RPCoaching uses with its clients on a regular basis.  One reason he takes to the bands is that they allow for variable resistance and can provide a better workout than weights alone.  They’re also better for the shoulders and rotator cuffs than free weights are.  And, they’re more efficient for those who have put strain on their joints.

The nine-time French Open winner is also heavy into core workouts, echoing a staple of RPCoaching.  When he’s done with his total set of exercises, Nadal ends it all with a series of stretches.  He considers this to be the key to his overall fitness and success on the court.  And who’s to say he’s wrong?  His resume speaks for itself.

So, taking in what you’ve read about one of the premier players tennis has ever seen, it might just be a good idea to take on fitness the way he does.  We can help, and will certainly not push you like Nadal’s coaches push him!  We’ll tailor your workouts to your capability and comfortability.  We look forward to hearing from you.  Give us a call at 239-848-0888 to increase your performance and extend your playing days.

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