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A Tiger, A Bear, And…Sweets For Glory?

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It was just over a decade ago when it seemed Tiger Woods would inevitably pass Jack Nicklaus in career major victories.  Tiger recently had more transgressions, and appears highly unlikely to even win another tournament, much less a major.  However, the Golden Bear is now in 2nd place when it comes to major titles…on the Champions Tour.

Bernhard Langer just passed Nicklaus with his 9th career major win, when he bested the field at the Senior PGA Championship.  How has the 59-year-old German done it?  With sweets as part of his diet…no joke.  Don’t get me wrong here, Langer isn’t just slamming M&M’s every day.  But he does add them in to a pretty healthy diet and a rigorous workout regimen.

Langer said in an interview, “I love vegetables and salads so I don’t eat too much red meat. But I love sweets, which is totally contradictory and I’ve eaten lots of that.”  He believes in eating constantly to keep the metabolism going.  He says he’s heard a lot of people go 10 hours without eating, and then cram a huge meal into their bellies.  “You need to eat constantly, not large portions but you need to eat constantly,” says Langer.  It works for him.  He’s a two-time Masters champ, and has carded 32 wins on the Champions Tour.  His snacks on the course consist of bananas, nuts, and occasionally a high protein sandwich.

When it comes to working out and maintaining his slim figure, even as he approaches the age of 60—he prides himself in having worked out his whole life.  He stretches twice a day, works on his cardio, and lifts weights.  Not heavy weights, but lifting a lighter amount often.  “I think with my history of a bad back when I was 19 – I had two bulging disks, I had a very bad neck, a bad lower back – I’ve had numerous things going on. So I need to stretch, I need to work out and stay in shape. It’s preventive, too. They help you when things start hurting or certain things go wrong.”

Maybe we should all take a cue from the Champions Tour stud who looks to be going as strong as ever.

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