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Warming Up: It’s Important!!

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There’s a saying that goes:

Crawl, Walk, Run.

What does this philosophy mean and how does it apply to sports?

It simply implies that you shouldn’t go into a full sprint, swing your driver as hard as you can on the 1st tee, or try to drill a serve to the deep corner as hard as you can before warming up.  Warming up is the crawl.

It’s crucially important to warm up before engaging in golf, tennis, pickle ball, or any sport for that matter.

I recently presented warm up sessions for at area communities for opening day of pickle ball, as well as a season opener for golf.  I stressed the importance of a sport specific warm up, and engaged the participants in movements and stretches to get their blood flowing and loosen up the muscles demonstrating the importance of rhythmic activity and its importance in injury prevention.

After you warm up properly, you can walk.  That’s the part where you begin to do your athletic activity at a moderate pace, increasing your heart rate, and further enhancing your physical well-being.

And guess what?  You are now ready to run!  Your body is ready to power a full swing on the course or deliver targeted serves with some real oomph!  Return balls across the net with strong arm.  Embrace the competitor in you!

Remember it all starts with the warm up.    When you warm up and get the body physically and physiologically ready to go, great things will happen.  You’ll avoid pulling a hamstring, twisting a knee, or injuring your back, plus your performance on the playing field will be better for it.

Crawl, Walk, Run.  It’s the right way to go.

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